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Final Fantasy Type 0 [English Patched]

Final Fantasy Type 0 
Eng Patch: 1File – Google
Spa Patch: 1File
JPN: 1File

Patch info:

Made by: SkyBladeCloud
Progress: 100% translated.
V2 Changes:
Works on PS Vita via Custom Firmware emulator, like TN-V/ARK-2.
Fixed some graphical glitches.
Re-translated some words.
Reconstructed sentences.
Removed some duplicated words in Crimson Codex.
Fixed Multiplayer Help guide page skipping and freezing.
Realigned obscured texts on context menus and NPC dialogues.
Fixed description errors on Story Missions and Combat Exercises.(some fans are unaware of these errors, even PiezoSparker. So I reported it to him and sent some screenshots.)
Credits to:
*Skybladecloud & Operation Doomtrain – for starting the project, whole game translation and ROMhacking.
V2 patch update Credits to:
*PiezoSparker (former Sky’s team member, programmer)
*KernelPanic (programmer)
*blackfire219 (for error reporting, mostly on mission descriptions)
Issues and Solutions:

  • Stuck at loading screen / Cut-scenes don’t work  -> Update PSP to 6.60 PRO-C
  • The game freezes in certain areas on boot or crimson codex: This game needs every bit of hardware power your PSP has, every plugin you have installed and CFW customization you have takes resources away from the game, so if you experience this problems, disable all plugins and if that doesn’t work install a fresh clean CFW (remove seplugins folder as well).
  • Everything works but videos are choppy: Format your PSP and re-install the CFW and game again.
  • Set “umd ISO mode” to inferno on PRO recovery menu (select). The “New Game” option is inside of the “Options” menu.

Final Fantasy Type-0 Story:
People cannot choose when they are born and where they are born in, but they can choose how to live their lives. Veriumcity Suzaku is under siege from their neighboring country Bakufu, although the summon beasts fend off the battle ships by the shore, the Bakufu found a way to deactivate their crystal, thus turning off the country’s defensive system. Choose your player character from class zero, each has a different skill set, and infiltrate the city center to reactivate the crystal. Take your team with you to clear missions, and when things get too tough, turn on your networking function to ask a friend to help you out.

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